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Services - Raise Mental Health Awareness

Supportive Friend

Head-shunt Ambassadors


Promoters and supporters of Head-shunt who will work to educate people in the railway family; challenge stigma around mental health and provide sign-posting for people needing help or wanting to uphold good mental health. See sign-posting page for further details. Details to follow how to contact our Head-shunt Ambassadors.

Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) 

We will work with accredited railway industry MHFAs to support them in their role. Mental Health First Aiders spot the signs and symptoms of mental ill health and provide help on a first aid basis. Our role in Head-shunt is to support the MHFAs in their work in their respective rail company(s).


   We will support them through 

         Our attendance at events they may run and/or involve them with events we operate

         Creation of a virtual Head-shunt network for support and ideas sharing amongst railway MHFAs

         Through provision of materials (written or visual) to help them

Shared Lived Experiences 

We will provide a platform whereby those who have experienced less-good mental health are willing to share their experiences and help inspire others to seek or offer help 

Read the first of these on the Stories of Lived Experience page 




Through - 

 Lived Experience Stories (INSERT PAGE LINK)


 A virtual network to educate and support Mental Health First Aiders 

 Resource packs; to help individuals and companies in the railway family on their mental health journey

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